Bob Sheaves and “Mopar Norm”

norm-laytonYou probably already heard about the loss of MoparNorm, a regular contributor to Allpar and one of the “Jeep faithful.” He will be missed. (That’s Norm in a Jeep on the right. He seemed perfectly comfortable at that angle, and given his experience, I’m not surprised.)

I regret to tell you that the incredibly helpful and skilled Bob Sheaves has had a stroke, as well. He’s given me permission to break the news. Bob has given us a huge amount of material as well as incomparable insight into the auto industry and engineering in general, both on a personal and a public level. He seems to be recovering, which is a wonderful thing.

Bob Sheaves 2007

Really, I can’t tell you how much Bob Sheaves has contributed to Allpar over more than a decade. He even sponsored our first meet ever, which was at the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, going so far as to pay for the rental of the facility and a dinner.

Bob is generous to a fault, and if he is quick to anger, as many forum members found out, he is also pretty quick to forgive, and always open to answering questions. If he does not tolerate foolishness, well, I understand where’s coming from. (Notice my separation of “fools” from “foolishness.” Everyone behaves foolishly now and then.)

You can see a bio of Bob, in case you wondered about the breadth of his experience. It hasn’t been updated lately; he recently moved from automotive engineering, where I think he was not treated as well as he could be, to another challenging sector, where I suspect the pay and treatment are both far better. Hopefully, he will be able to return to work soon! In the meantime, I hope you will join me in sending best wishes and prayers.

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