Frustration of the Web

Many writers have long felt constrained by the limits of paper media. You have this many column inches, no more.

dave-in-vanOh, how joyful it was when we could stretch our legs and write and write and write, unconstrained by length. Text travels quickly even by dialup modem (now I’m waiting for the “do you remember this?” acoustic modem meme).

But, alas, with everyone and their dog writing, and posting photos, and doing automated memes, and computers generating copy, along with underpaid freelancers from around the world… not to mention cell phones and Facebook, … nobody has time to read all that text.

The irony is that, now that we finally have the space to write, we usually have to constrain ourselves to two or three paragraphs before our readers get bored and move on. It’s not just me; it’s the way the media world is moving.

We’re also tending to get more trivial and polarized, but that’s besides the point.

Now I have to go see what Donald Trump did today while I play Angry Birds and clear my RSS feeds.

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