Good blood test results; time for more blood tests

Since my last cancer-removal surgery, I’ve become a part-time medical patient, part time medical-insurance bureaucrat (on the “yes, I paid this,” and “here’s the information I already gave you twice, oh, I’m glad you found it in your system and will actually apply it to the bill now,”) and part-time writer/publisher.

I just had my latest oncology bloodwork and it was clear. This morning, I got fresh blood drawn, and have a 24-hour test to be turned in tomorrow morning, so we’ll find out of my endocrine early warning system has anything to say — in two weeks.

dave with another Valiant

I’d show you a photo of me getting blood, but there wasn’t enough room for a photographer in the phlebotomy room, so here I am a few years ago posing with the car for Team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse as they prepared a budget rally from New York to New Orleans. They fixed up this rescued Valiant, headed for the graveyard, and donated it to someone who needed it. They did an awful lot of work; all I did was pose, provide a small sponsorship, and give away a wheel I had up in the attic. How’d that grille make it through all this time completely unscathed? Not to mention the rear quarter, which you may have already noticed is intact. My first car, a 1976 Valiant, had the rear quarters rusted through in 1982! (I believe this one is a 1974 model.)

If you were wondering why I wasn’t at Carlisle this year, it’s because the rather mild chemo I’m on doesn’t really permit long days in the hot sun — and then this turned out to be the first year I can recall when the weather was actually below 97°F at Carlisle! Oops. That said, I can still make part-day events, so I’ll be down at the NCPC national meet in Lahaska, PA, next Saturday (July 25), at Peddler’s Village, and we will be having an Allpar New Jersey meet.

TMI yet? I’ll sign off now… later on, some insights into the sites, so to speak (that is, a look at the tech side of Allpar.)

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