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From its creation in 1998 (and from the dawn of its predecessor in 1994), I tended to keep a low profile on This was a conscious choice, since I wanted to put the site forward, not me. In those days, traditional media dominated, and I was aiming to create an on-line version of a print magazine, not a blog or “social media presence.” Indeed, blogs and social media were still to come; the closest we had were personal web sites and Usenet.

Dave 2014

Now, things are very different. Bloggers and social media celebrities are highly sought after, not consigned to the back of the room (and refused media passes). That means it’s time to break the habit of — seriously, 21 years? Allpar can go into a bar and order a beer now! — and become a bit more visible.

We should start with an introduction, but you can get that easily enough from Allpar itself, where I do have a short bio. Instead, let’s just say that this is where I will be posting more personal things — what’s going on in my life, Allpar behind the scenes, and such. At some point we’ll start doing guest blogs as well, with Allpar celebrities weighing in, but for the moment, I’d like to welcome you to my world.

More to come…

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