Overcoming my anonymity

If you’ve perused Allpar for any length of time, you may have noticed that I rarely give myself a byline or photo credit.

That’s partly a reaction to my own excesses of the past. I created two college newspapers, one at Rutgers, replacing a newsletter that had been mailed first-class to our mostly adult students and yet was, according to a survey, still unknown by many people; and one in grad school, possibly the first that school ever had.

dave-1994I’m not proud now of the quality of my editing then. One error in both cases was putting myself onto the front page during dull news times. At Allpar, which I essentially started in 1994 (the name came four years later), I deliberately pushed myself into the background, for the most part.

As a teenager and then as a college student, I also tended to share more about myself than I should have. So when I grew older, I swung in the opposite direction.

In an age of social media, I’ve increasingly been told to stop being anonymous and to start sharing. I am slowly starting to give myself a byline and photo credits, and, well, I started this blog and shared more about myself than even some of my relatives and friends knew.

It’s surprising, to me at least, that the posts which have been most popular have been the ones concerning my fight — okay, fight is a strong word, let’s say “altercation”— with cancer. I was thinking people would be more interested in the behind the scenes looks at Allpar (which will still be coming) and personal opinions about what’s going on at FCA/TFC (The Former Chrysler).

This blog has been interesting for me. I hope it will be for you, too.

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