Walking the tightrope at Allpar

Allpar walks a tightrope.

meWe have to report the news accurately, regardless of how it makes Chrysler (FCA US LLC) look. If we’re too positive, or even we’re neutral, we’re also dismissed as “fanboys.” Indeed,  I don’t think it matters what we write, we’ll be called fanboys, but being accurate and responsible is the right thing to do, and provides us with all the credibility we have.

Then again, if we report things that are “negative” or (and I’m not sure which is worse) tell people about upcoming products, we’re not invited to press events or interviews and/or denied loaner cars. Emails and calls go un-answered or spend weeks in limbo before getting a nonsensical corporate say-nothing response. There are some very good people in the communications department who do not act this way.

There may be a fine line where you get it just right, though I suspect that you are “fair and balanced” when you’re called fanboys by half the people and jerks by the other half.

The ways around this are, I suspect, to get a large following on Facebook or Twitter (having a lot of readers on a web site no longer matters), to cover multiple companies, or to be part of a media corporation with lots of other outlets.

There are times I am tempted to sell out, so Allpar won’t have to be treated as an unsuccessful blog or social media wannabe. The money would be nice, too. But I keep on doing what I do, and Allpar’s schizophrenic relationship with (Fiat) Chrysler continues