What goes into setting up a car show?

The Allpar show in Little Ferry, New Jersey, is on Saturday, September 12. Literally months of preparation have gone into this show, including the labor of numerous people.

The signup page has to be created, and a form set up. The site had to be selected — well, this time, that was easy. Then there’s publicity and setting up mentions in car clubs and such, including oldride.com, bergen.org, the National Chrysler Products Club, Restored Rusty Relics, etc.

Two meetings with the manager of the dealership took place, though the show’s been done there before, to settle details such as parking lot clearance, publicity, and food. Event insurance (not cheap!) had to be purchased, fortunately from an agent who we’ve worked with before.

We track registrations as they come in, so we can settle the classes; Pete Doll did this for us, and then we got trophies, made “tickets” for a voters’ choice award, and corralled volunteers to be judges, registrars, and help with setup. Traffic control and registration are being combined, hopefully.

Then there are the forms — signup, registration, voting, and placards to identify the individual cars, pre-printed for those who registered in advance.

This year we’re doing broadcast trivia questions — thanks again, Pete! — and so we found a PA system (thanks, T.J.) and Pete found questions while we found prizes. We have to gather together giveaways and such and organize them somehow, and get them there — and set up tents and tables and water and such.

Larger shows, such as the one Restored Rusty Relics does — or NCPC — or any other major group — require proportionately more work.

It’s a lot for a few hours of gathering together, but it’s worth it, and I hope to see you there.

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