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  • Driving the 200

    Here’s the digest. The full treatment is at allpar. The Chrysler 200 was pretty much “all new” for 2015, though it shares dimensions with the Dart and components with, well, other cars. What’s funny about our 200S is that, in white, it looked a lot better than the dark red 200C we’d driven. I think it’s the color, not the relatively minor trim changes. Integration is the name of the styling game, inside and out, and they did a good job of tying things together, compared with other cars.   I didn’t think much of Sport mode, though I can see its uses on rare occasions. It keeps the engine revving higher, shifts faster, and optionally shuts off the stability control,…

  • How long does it take to write a review?

    Writing these things takes longer than you may think. First, I don’t commute to work any more, so to put a car through its paces, I have to spend a few hours driving it — time I would not normally be driving, usually. Some time is reserved for Sunday so I can test highway driving without the usual left lane hogs constantly being in the way. Second, there’s the photo shoots — and then the cropping, captioning, etc. that follows. Choosing photos takes longer than you might think, since few people take just one photo of each subject. Then there’s the actual writing, which, unlike most of what I write, is edited and re-edited numerous times, (not that you’d know it, sometimes)….

  • Quick cancer update

    Today I left home at 9:30 am, returning at 2 pm, to see an oncologist who is more of an expert on my particular weird kind of cancer than most. She will be consulting with someone from Sloan-Kettering (a decidedly GM-funded institute), but so far it appears that I might be able to cut back on my once-dirt-cheap, now exceedingly-expensive “performance dis-enhancing” drugs. We can only hope… At the last, I’d like to take less of them. Side effects are memory loss, lack of focus, diarrhea, hot flashes, fatigue, and some other things I can’t remember because of the memory loss, and I seem to have struck every single side effect on the list. Also, did I mention that, since Bristol-Myers Squibb…

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