An easy upgrade for a change

I just upgraded our php version for more speed, and … nothing seems to have broken.

That’s pretty cool.


Coming up someday will be php 7, which apparently is more than twice as fast as php 5. They did a lot of work to “refactor” (that is, rewrite) the code which has built up over the years. I’m looking forward to that, but it’s still not quite in “stable” form. It is good enough for many sites, but without an IT staff, I’m a bit reluctant to move up (it’s really called php-NG but will become php 7).

I’ve made a few behind the scenes changes to improve security and speed. Fortunately, very little has broken as a result. Generally I don’t expect the main software to break, but who knows?

I also fixed the news page, which was showing the sidebar on phones. I’d programmed it not to, and there it was, doing it again. So now it should work on your phone as you’d expect it to. At some point I am hoping we can do a feed for Apple News but right now that’s for major corporations only. It’s also about time for us to be rejected from Google News again, because y’know Allpar’s not nearly as reputable as computer-written finance sites.