17 months behind but catching up, slowly

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Thanks to the joyful effects of mitotane (Lysodren), I have been in a fog for around 17 months. I have now cut back on the hideously expensive drug (for humans; cheap for dogs), and am trying to catch up on things. Complicating factors are:

  • ever-increasing security updates on the server and technical glitches that result from them
  • long-overdue site improvements taking up some time
  • my health insurance company’s computer-system change, which apparently dropped $1,800 worth of claims from my max out-of-pockget (and their refusal to do anything but look at the computer total and say “yup, that’s right” though if you total up all the forms they sent me, you can see I’ve paid $1,800 more than the max out-of-pocket by their own reckoning). Stop laughing, you people from Canada, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, etc.
  • choosing a health insurance plan (anyone else notice that healthinsurance.gov is almost useless in comparing what you’ll actually pay and be covered for? — and that the insurance company sites are just as bad?)
  • the constant run of medicrap I go through every month
  • the need to retest various menu options (yes, this is a need…and I am open to ideas)
  • and the way that life just keeps going on no matter what…

So I’m catching up — slowly. My inbox is down from 440 messages to 200 (it seems stuck there for the moment). I’ve been trying to work through commitments I foolishly made. I have to ask for your patience as I work my way backwards…

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