On the menu today…. (it’s not food!)

I have upgraded Allpar’s menus, or, rather, returned them to their former glory.

The menu system has changed quite a few times over the years. I had (slow!) two-level Javascript dropdowns, then ordinary CSS-only (no Javascript) dropdowns, and then a single row of buttons, followed by that row of buttons with a secondary row.


Now we’re back to the simple dropdowns, using pretty much the same setup as last time but with fewer options since people don’t seem to like having too many choices. As time goes on, these will be refined.

Finding all the stuff at Allpar has always been a problem, at least since we lost our focus and started trying to cover every single facet of Chrysler from its days as Maxwell to what’s coming in four years, from engineers and technicians to racers to executives, from factories to labs, from Rootes and SIMCA to AMC and Jeep… but we keep trying, guided by click rates and such.

Please report any glitches. Thanks.

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