Menus and more

Okay, I give up. Allpar is back to conventional dropdown menus. Someday I might re-explore the concept of the easy AJAX two-level dropdowns I used for a while, but people don’t like something about them. I did fiddle with the appearance of the menus, making them a bit more modern.


I also got rid of the Allpar headers and replaced them with a tiny Allpar icon in the menu, which, if you let it drop down, shows some key sites.

I didn’t use the little yellow arrows this time, on the assumption that people know what dropdown menus are.

If you access Allpar via mobile, you’ll still see the old single buttons, they seem easier on phones.

Other housekeeping tasks included dropping one advertising agency, experimenting with new formats from an existing agency, adding Google’s “related items” feature to the bottom of the main-site pages to see how that goes, and fixing up the 200,000 mile club. There are some new cars there, with a new picture, (I like it when people provide pictures).

Allpar seems to be running quite quickly these days, at least on the server side; I can’t speak to the networks.

Happy holidays to you and to yours!

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