Getting to keep my memory

I returned from Memorial Sloan Kettering (yes, it’s named after two GM leaders) with good news: I can stay off the chemo unless I get bad scans or blood tests. There’s no sign of cancer returning. I also signed up for another research project, but that doesn’t really require much from me other than some blood, and I give that to so many people that when I see a stranger with a needle, I start rolling up my sleeve (oops, wait, I’m getting my memory confused with Keith Richards’).

Dave 2014

The bad news is that I need to get scans nearly twice as often, and I’m back on MRIs, rather than time-and-money saving CAT scans. Oh, and blood tests twice as often. Gak.

It’s enough to drive one to a plant diet. But still, it’s always good to get a new lease — and I do mean lease — on life. The drugs slam your memory, energy, focus, and digestion pretty hard.

I wonder how my insurance company will feel about exchanging $1,200 of drugs per month for $1,200 of scans and blood tests four times a year? (Unless they have crazy overhead, they’re still making a good profit on me so far.)

Anyway, it’s celebration time! I’d really been afraid of being put back onto the chemo, or of having cancer again after all. Blood pressure and weight are good, blood and scans are clear, it’s Miller time!

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