Slogging through mobilization

The cellphone revolution that started with the iPhone has really finished, and now it seems that more people browse the Web through phones than through computers.

I sat out the first wave of “solutions,” which largely consisted of creating second web sites for phones. That trend slowly died, and now responsive design is the way. I did adopt that, to a degree, with slightly different style sheets for phones and tablets, and a clever little script that gives phone users smaller images (perhaps too small now, since phones keep getting larger).


I also assumed that phones would get smarter, and they have, but iPhones, at least, still have a huge flaw: wide tables on a page can really screw them up, especially if they have column widths. Rather than have them flow off the page, Safari crunches up the rest of the page to save the table.

While I have been going through Allpar, at a glacial pace, resizing photos and tables, I still need outside help in finding and fixing pages (among our 2,700 or so) that have problems on tablets and phones… so if you come across a problematic page, please let me know! Thanks.

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