What I’m doing now

As my role in Allpar is dropping down to that of moderator and sometime contributor, you may ask, what am I doing now?

Since my old job at Rustler is no longer available, I’ve given some much-needed attention to my long-standing toolpack.info (organizational change and improvement) and acarplace.com (automotive) sites. I still have to devote some time to expanding macstats.org, particularly the tests of free statistical software.

There are some long-term projects I’d like to attack, including the writing books, which has eluded me through my life so far, finding new homes for some of the historical materials I’ve collected, and figuring out, well, what to do next. As with most people, I need to make sure I don’t get caught up in urgent trivia and ignore important non-deadlined tasks.

I’m always open to suggestions, too.

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