• Reducing anxiety, my way
    dave with another Valiant

    I’ve always had issues with anxiety, but it seems to me that I don’t have much reason to be stressed out these days — not rational reasons, at least. I have reasons to be anxious and reasons not to be, but rationally, it’s internal — it’s the way I’m wired. There are ways to get around it. Pill-pushers (as some annoyed psychologists refer to psychiatrists) can prescribe all the generic Xanax you want, but I haven’t run my life with pills, and don’t intend to start now. Cognitive psychology, while slow, works wonders. When you find yourself on the train of anxiety provoking thoughts, distract yourself. Learn to detect and then deflect it. Freudians may think that’s bad because you’re shoving it…

  • Menus and more

    Okay, I give up. Allpar is back to conventional dropdown menus. Someday I might re-explore the concept of the easy AJAX two-level dropdowns I used for a while, but people don’t like something about them. I did fiddle with the appearance of the menus, making them a bit more modern. I also got rid of the Allpar headers and replaced them with a tiny Allpar icon in the menu, which, if you let it drop down, shows some key sites. I didn’t use the little yellow arrows this time, on the assumption that people know what dropdown menus are. If you access Allpar via mobile, you’ll still see the old single buttons, they seem easier on phones. Other housekeeping tasks included dropping one…

  • Menus Phase I-a, continued

    The alteration of the Allpar headers/menus has continued, with the news section now getting the treatment, including removal of the banner, inclusion of an “allpar icon” by the menu, and use of the global menus instead of unique ones. I also modified the old mobile menus so that now you have a choice of a small number of buttons for key areas _or_ the two-step drop-down menus that few people like, but which give the maximum number of choices. I might bring those to the desktop pages, too, where they actually work better. Say goodbye to the old logos. I will be re-using the passing-lane-stripe motif soon.

  • Annoying forum ads replaced

    After getting a couple of complaints, I disabled one type of ad from the forums, discovering along the way a new asynchronous code which lets pages load faster. I replaced those ads with a new vendor and hopefully that will eliminate the problems. I also switched the main-site menus back to the single buttons which seem to be preferred by readers. I don’t know why this is. I would prefer dropdowns to multiple clicks, personally, but I will not argue with reality. By the way, if you want just about all the ads to disappear, simply sign p to be an ad-avoiding contributor at $14 per year. Register for the forums if you have not done so already, click on your name…

  • Allpar-Mobile fixed

    The inner pages of Allpar got rather badly messed up by some changes I was making to get the menus to behave properly. That’s now been fixed, and a lot of the header code was cleaned up along the way. It’s all become rather a mess as I’ve tried to get more and less flexible over time. As for the menus, I am experimenting between the dropdowns and two-level varieties now, and I’m open for comments. We may go back to the single buttons and perhaps have new landing pages for each button, e.g. Cars/Trucks, Corporate/Heritage, News/Future, Social.

  • 17 months behind but catching up, slowly

    Thanks to the joyful effects of mitotane (Lysodren), I have been in a fog for around 17 months. I have now cut back on the hideously expensive drug (for humans; cheap for dogs), and am trying to catch up on things. Complicating factors are: ever-increasing security updates on the server and technical glitches that result from them long-overdue site improvements taking up some time my health insurance company’s computer-system change, which apparently dropped $1,800 worth of claims from my max out-of-pockget (and their refusal to do anything but look at the computer total and say “yup, that’s right” though if you total up all the forms they sent me, you can see I’ve paid $1,800 more than the max out-of-pocket by their…

  • More accessible racing

    One of the interesting things about racing is how some of the greats started. Lee Petty drove a six cylinder Plymouth, hardly a fast car, though he added Chrysler suspension and braking bits to it to get an edge. The six cylinder Hudson Hornet dominated stock car racing for a couple of years. Things got faster in a hurry, especially in drag racing, where some people left as the power got higher and higher and the risks shot up accordingly. Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a racing series that worked at the speed of the cars Lee Petty drove — and not a classic series (though there are some of those and they seem like a lot…

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