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David Zatz, creator of the Allpar, Stellpower, and motales car sites and long-time organizational consultant, published four books in 2020-2021 on:

Dodge ViperJeepsMinivans • Surveys

... and worked with Gary Platz and Ed Dreistadt on a junkyards-and-old-cars book.

Dodge Viper: The Full Story of the World’s First V10 Sports Car (2020)

Mopar Minivans, Volume 2 (Covers 1972-2022)

Four stars for the prior edition on Goodreads. John Warnock wrote, “If you want to know the whens, whys, and wherefores of the minivan, this is the book you want. Mr. Data delves into the history of the minivan and what was behind many of the decisions that made it the automotive staple it is today. OK, I'm a car nerd on my fourth mini. Takes one to know one.”

minivan book 1

New, lower price for this edition: I added photos and a great deal more text, John Rush helped quite a bit with fixing the language and some history, and members of the various minivan development teams provided more insight and stories. Sold only at Amazon. See a detail page.

My Slant on Things

Tales from the days when men were men,
cars were cars, and junkyards were everywhere.

Written by Gary Platz. I wrote two “chapters” and did the layout and some editing.

Did you ever spend the day in a wrecker’s yard, searching for the perfect parts for your old car? Did you reclaim and restore-on-the-cheap an old $200 junker given up for dead? Follow Gary (and Ed and Dave) as they meander through the junkyards of their memories, full of slant sixes, comaradaderie, mistakes, and achievements.

Tales of old Chryslers and junkyards

Generously illustrated with period sketches and photos; available for just $9.97 from Amazon or for $4.99 on Apple Books (digital version). See a detail page.

Wagoneer, Gladiator, Comanche, and Scrambler: Jeep’s Go-Anywhere Vehicles (2020)

jeep book

What Do I Do With This Survey Report?

What do I do with this survey report? book by David Zatz

Aimed at middle managers, this book is your own private consultant, here to help you convert the results of employee surveys—culture, climate, engagement, word-of-the-day surveys—into real action, without going nuts in the process. Available in paperback ($9.99), Kindle ($5.99), and Apple Books ($4.99).

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Books by David Zatz

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