Mopar Minivans, Second Edition

In 1972, as Chrysler bled cash, some thought they had the answer—a “magic wagon.” Could they create a garagable van with Chrysler’s slim cash reserves? More important, how could they convince executives to give the green light?

Follow the minivan from the birth of the concept to production to the next danger zone: How could Chrysler stay on top, when the market was flooded with competitors? This second edition has many more stories of the succeeding generations, as well as three generations of electric vans.

Mopar Minivans book

Four stars on Goodreads.

John Warnock wrote about the prior version, “If you want to know the whens, whys, and wherefores of the minivan, this is the book you want. Mr. Data delves into the history of the minivan and what was behind many of the decisions that made it the automotive staple it is today.”

Chrysler dominated minivan sales in the United States for three decades; see how they made the right choices despite tight budgets and uncertain times.

This book covers all Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth minivans,
with sketches and clay models from 1973 to 1983. The second edition has cleaner language, more input from team members of later generations, and much more information on the electric minivans.

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