Dr. David Zatz: Allpar founder, organizational psychologist, writer, change agent

David Zatz is a writer, organizational development consultant, former publisher, editor, photographer, and automotive/organizational historian. LinkedIn bio

David Zatz

After gaining a PhD in social and organizational psychology, he worked for measurement-based change firm Metrus Group. He started his own firm, Toolpack Consulting, in 2001, and has some quality and productivity features at Toolpack Information. He has worked with numerous corporations in diverse industries, government agencies from the City of New York to the Navy, universities, and nonprofits.

David Zatz was a freelance writer as well, publishing business pieces in trade magazines in the 1980s and 1990s. He started Allpar.com, which became the biggest and most popular Chrysler-oriented web site, in 1994 (the name Allpar.com came in 1998). David also founded the rec.autos.makers.chrysler newsgroup, including the Chrysler FAQ which continues to be served by MIT.

David grew up in Highland Park, New Jersey. His career started with hauling bags at the golf course, menial tasks at a steakhouse, and selling shoes; then he moved to temp jobs while attending college and graduate school. He was a “print man” starting with high school publications (magazine, newspaper, and yearbook). While at Rutgers University, he became the editor of the University College literary magazine and business manager of the Livingston College newspaper; he then took over his own college’s paper and increased circulation dramatically.

david zatz

While pursuing a doctorate in organizational psychology, David also did dissertation editing and research consultations, and started Teachers College’s first known student newspaper. His non-automotive work has appeared in Quality Digest, HRMagazine, and Administrator, trade publications (such as Health Foods Business and Print & Graphics), and books (including the Encyclopedia of Management and the Business Strategy Book of Readings). He has appeared at conferences sponsored by the Performance Institute, Quality New Jersey, The Conference Board, and the Association for Quality and Participation, now part of the American Society for Quality. He is also currently the publisher of MacStats, a clearinghouse of Mac statistical software.

David has two children, and is married to Dr. Katherine Zatz. His first book is Mopar Minivans, which has opened to positive reviews.

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David Zatz is a writer, organizational development consultant, editor, photographer, and automotive/organizational historian.