Dr. David Zatz: change agent, writer, Allpar founder

As part of Toolpack Consulting, David Zatz has worked with corporations, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits to increase effectiveness. David also created Allpar, the biggest and most popular Chrysler-oriented web site when it was sold in 2018.

david zatz

David holds a doctorate in organizational psychology, and has written for Quality Digest, HRMagazine, Administrator, the Encyclopedia of Management, and the Business Strategy Book of Readings. He has also appeared at conferences sponsored by the Performance Institute, Quality New Jersey, and The Conference Board.

David is currently on the faculty of the School of Global and Public Affairs of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and has published four books:

A little research:

Some articles on odd subjects:

Dave runs MacStats (statistics software) and MoTales (Chrysler stories and cars), and contributes to StellPower.com. He has two children, and is married to Dr. Katherine Zatz.

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