AMC, Kaiser, Jeep, and Rambler literature I’m selling

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I will take reasonable offers for most items, especially if you want multiple things (less time wrapping and shipping).

Miscellaneous items

AMC annual reports, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1985, $25 each ($20 each if you buy at least two)

1969 Motor repair manual for all US brands*

Kaiser car brochures, a wide variety, if you helped me on the Kaiser article $20 for all, otherwise $10 each

The last copy of the Mopar Minivans book (the one before The Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans), signed if you want*


Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans book via PayPal, $16.95 plus media-mail shipping of $3 (continental US only, there may be a delay before shipping) so it’s less than $20 including shipping. It'll cost you more on B&N or Amazon! (eBook best buy is at Apple.) Signed, if you want. Black and white version, $12. Add to something on this list, black and white version at $10.

Brochures and sales guides

1963 Jeep station wagons and trucks (dealer-stamped)

1964 Rambler foldout (includes Ambassador, others); 1965 Rambler Ambassador (really oversized)

1965 X-Ray: long, deep comparison of AMC/Rambler cars with GM, Chrysler, Ford equivalents

1972: American Motors introduces the guaranteed car (with specs)

1972 Jeep brochure (regular size)

1975 AMC Pacer salesman's guide

1975 AMC passenger cars (oversized)

1978 Jeep brochure, small/foldout, $4 with anything else

1979 Jeep brochure, small/foldout, $4 with anything else

1980 Jeep brochure, "We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive," small/foldout, $4 with anything else

Jeep Scrambler brochure, dated 3/1981, big foldout

An Introduction to 1983: CJ, Scrambler, Pickup, Cherokee, Wagoneer ($12 on its own, shipping only to USA, 24 big color pages)

1984: Jeep introduces leaner and meaner 4-wheel drive (full size brochure covering all Jeeps and Eagle)

1985? Jeep brochure: Compare!

1986 Jeep brochure: Only in a Jeep!

1986 Jeep brochure, full size: Jeep for 1986

After 1987

There is Jeep and Eagle content in the Chrysler press releases, too.

1995 Eagle Talon product info press book, $15

1997 Jeep Wrangler press book, missing around 2/3 of the slides, no floppies (might be able to find these on request), $20

1997 Jeep Cherokee press kit, worn cover, missing some slides

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited launch kit (missing one slide, otherwise complete)

Unknown year: 1999? Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering and Suspension student workbook, Chrysler Corporation imprint, $15

2002 Jeep Liberty press CD in original container, $20

2005 Jeep Liberty press kit, great condition, includes CD, $20

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch kit, with dogtags and CD or DVD, $40

2006 Jeep Commander press book, $25

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited launch kit, in olive-drab fabric

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar accessories

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch book (press book)

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar accessories

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT press kit in original box

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee press kit, quite nice. Includes key-shaped USB drive.

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