AMC, Kaiser, Jeep, and Rambler literature I’m selling

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I will take reasonable offers for most items, especially if you want multiple things (less time wrapping and shipping).

Miscellaneous items

AMC annual reports, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1985

1969 Motor repair manual for all US brands*

Mopar Muscle, several years; Collectible Automobile, I think around 2018-current

The last copy of the Mopar Minivans book (the one before The Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans), signed if you want*


Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans book via PayPal, $16.95 plus media-mail shipping of $3 (continental US only, there may be a delay before shipping) so it’s less than $20 including shipping. It'll cost you more on B&N or Amazon! (eBook best buy is at Apple.) Signed, if you want.

Brochures and sales guides

Kaiser car brochures, a wide variety, if you helped me on the Kaiser article $20 for all, otherwise $10 each

1963 Jeep station wagons and trucks (dealer-stamped)

1964 Rambler foldout (includes Ambassador, others); 1965 Rambler Ambassador (really oversized)

1965 X-Ray: long, deep comparison of AMC/Rambler cars with GM, Chrysler, Ford equivalents

1972: American Motors introduces the guaranteed car (with specs)

1972 Jeep brochure (regular size)

1975 AMC Pacer salesman's guide

1975 AMC passenger cars (oversized)

1978 Jeep brochure, small/foldout

1979 Jeep brochure, small/foldout

1980 Jeep brochure, "We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive," small/foldout

Jeep Scrambler brochure, dated 3/1981, big foldout

1983 Jeep CJ, Scrambler, Pickup, Cherokee, Wagoneer: oversized

1984: Jeep introduces leander and meaner 4-wheel drive (full size brochure covering all Jeeps and Eagle)

1985? Jeep brochure: Compare!

1986 Jeep brochure: Only in a Jeep!

1986 Jeep brochure, full size: Jeep for 1986


There is Jeep and Eagle content in the Chrysler press releases; following are the items from after 1987 which are dedicated to Jeep and Eagle.

1995 Eagle Talon product info press book.

1997 Jeep Wrangler press book, missing around 2/3 of the slides, no floppies (might be able to find these on request)

1997 Jeep Cherokee press kit, worn cover, missing some slides

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited launch kit (missing one slide, otherwise complete)

Unknown year: 1999? Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering and Suspension student workbook, Chrysler Corporation imprint

2002 Jeep Liberty press CD in original container

2005 Jeep Liberty press kit, great condition, includes CD

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch kit, with dogtags and CD or DVD

2006 Jeep Commander press book

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited launch kit, in olive-drab fabric

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar accessories

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch book (press book)

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar accessories

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT press kit in original box

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee press kit, quite nice. Includes key-shaped USB drive.

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