Chrysler literature (brochures, press kits, dealer books, etc.) I’m selling

New items are in the list, and listed at the bottom of the page in case you’re looking for something new. Updated 12-28-2022 (some items sold and removed). Most of the items are press books and brochures, with some sales training guides and dealer books; anything else is listed up front. I don't have any ads torn from magazines.

See special list for Jeep/AMC/Kaiser/Rambler

If you want to buy anything, scroll to the bottom for the contact form. Some items are on eBay, too, usually marked. I will take reasonable offers for most items, hefty discounts for multiple items (less time wrapping and shipping).

Press kits, dealer books, and corporate books

1966 History of Chrysler Corporation Gas Turbine Vehicles, good shape, name blacked out on cover. (Company publication.)

1985 Chrysler dealer data book/car selector, not in original binder, $8 + shipping

1987 Dodge dealer book including fabric samples, not in original binder, $9 + shipping

1987 Chrysler-Plymouth sales training guide, looseleaf—SOLD

1988 exterior colors and roof styles, from dealership customer book

1989 Plymouth Data Book, in original looseleaf binder—SOLD for $20

1991 New Model Info (service), binding cut off

1991 Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle product press info folders, contents may be incomplete (but probably aren't)

1992 Chrysler auto-show press releases in the original box

1993 Chrylser at NAIAS booklet, cheap (shipping's almost free)

1993 Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision press binder.

1994 LH cars introduction press kit - major historical event! (binder)

1995 Chrysler Cirrus and Dodge Stratus press release including sketches, overlays. Staples removed.

1995 Dodge test drive audio (cassette tapes): Neon, Caravan, Ram

1995 Dodge test drive audio (cassette tapes): Neon, Caravan, Caravan

1995 Chrysler Technical Information, originally wirebound, now unbound

1995 Chrysler Corporation (Dodge, Jeep, Eagle, Plymouth) product and technical information. Huge and heavy. Again, among their best. (Pictured above.) Includes B&W product photography. - at ebay for $28

1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible press book. Not very large, missing one slide.

1996 Chrysler brand profile, looseleaf pages in worn/dirty folder (not the thing shown below)

1996 model year press kit (all brands, binder) - again, big and heavy, and quite good! No photos. At ebay for $28

1996 minivan press kit (T&C, Voyager, Caravan), some dirt/damage to binder, pages are good, w/slides

1997 Jeep Wrangler press book, missing around 2/3 of the slides, no floppies (might have floppies, on request)

1997 Concept Vehicles, oversized press kit, very nice, I've seen this for $60 on eBay, asking $40 or best offer

1997 concepts

1997 Jeep Cherokee press kit, worn cover, missing some slides

1997 Chrysler salesman pocket guide with comparisons to other companies' cars

1997 MasterTech news, four pages, covering 342,700 mile Dodge Ram. Will offer free with any other purchase.

1997 Mopar XPressions, Meet the 98s!

1998 “Lightning Strikes Twice” Concorde/Intrepid press book including slides

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited launch kit (missing one slide, otherwise complete)

1998 Bob's Truck Diner menu (press kit) with all slides

1998 Dodge Durango press brochure: “Durangos, the Sport-Utility of Champions!” “meets all daily driving needs” (the one on the far left, not the cereal box itself)


1998 Dodge Ram Van and Wagon press kit, good shape, some cover wear, includes six original slides

2000 Chrysler and Dodge press books (wirebound, very nice, cover is worn) with CD/DVD. Plymouth book was sold separately.

2000 March/April Mopar Parts XPressions; cover story, 300 Hemi C

2001 Dodge/Chrysler minivans (Caravan, Town & Country) - very nice wirebound press kit. Missing slides, CD.

2001 Dodge/Chrysler minivans wirebound press kit. It's different from the other one somehow. Includes slides, CD.

2002 Jeep Liberty press CD in original container

2004 Chrysler Pacifica launch press kit (cover worn)

2004 Chrysler Pacifica press release, including photos, edges of folder/cover worn, photos are fine

2005 Jeep Liberty press kit, great condition, includes CD*

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch kit, with dogtags and CD or DVD

2005 Chrysler Group press book, big and heavy, including CD, great condition due to plastic box

2005 Chrysler 300 massive oversized brochure, very nice, great condition.

2006 Jeep Commander press book

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited launch kit, in olive-drab fabric

2008 Town & Country / Caravan press kit in popcorn-style box. No popcorn, box is in poor shape, press kit's in great shape.

2008 Dodge Avenger press book with DVD (oddly given Austin Powers theme)

2009 Fleet Buyers' Guide (nice book)

2009-ish Chrysler electric vehicle concepts including the famed 200C EV (no digital media, cover worn)

2010 Dodge Challenger info/specs (press release or dealer card, not sure)

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar accessories

2013 Dodge Dart vs Cruze, Focus, Elantra, Corolla, Civic, Jetta (press card?)

2013 Ram 1500 book including original USB drive, looks new - SOLD!

2013 ram press book

2013 Chrysler Group media info, USB drive in round can

2014 Dodge Durango press kit, including sealed "feature highlights" deck, book, and snazzy USB drive in a nice box.

2014 Fiat Chrysler merger document (around 200 pages)

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT press kit in original box*

2015 Mopar media information, USB “wrench”

2015 Dodge Challenger and Charger press kit, nice, good condition


 2015 Chrysler 300 press kit in neat blue plastic container*

2015 Mopar media information, USB “wrench”

2015 Chrysler 300 press kit in original blue bag, on ebay at $23

2017 Chrysler Group media kit USB drive in round case

2017 Pacifica press kit, looks new

More Jeep

Owners manuals

1961 Dodge Lancer owner's manual –  Temporarily not for sale

1963 Valiant owner's manual, $20.

MasterTech and training materials

1979 Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Chassis/Body Factory Service Manual; cover, sides, some pages dirty or torn, interior's in good shape.

I am not expecting a lot for the MasterTech books. Buy them all and make me happy. I can ship these by Media Mail.


Brochures, owner's manuals, and such

My main goal here is to not own these any more, so make me a good offer for a bunch of stuff.

1955 Plymouth brochure, nice condition, in plastic

1955 DeSoto/Plymouth: "The story of your new car" brochure

1956 Dodge Facts, cover stamped 1956 by AMA library

1958 DeSoto Firedome, Fireflight, Firesweep brochure (small)

1959 Plymouth, Young and proud and full of go

owners manuals 

1961 Dodge Lancer brochure, small, color, not glossy, good shape.

1966 Chrysler - “youth comes twice” brochure (around 40 pages)

1966 Plymouth VIP brochure, mildly oversized

1967 Plymouth is Out to Win You Over (mildly oversized)

1968 Chrysler "make your move" brochure (oversized, 44 pages)

1970 Best of the Leased from Chrysler (entire corporation, including Dodge and Plymouth; oversized)

Golden Anniversary of the Indy 500 (placemat?), folded in thirds.

1973 Dodge Taxis (8 pages, big) - on ebay for $18, I'm amenable to offers - see a story about it on motales

1973 Dodge Monaco, Polara, Charger, Coronet, Challenger, Dart brochure, 36pages, cover worn

1974 Dart and Challenger brochure (foldout) (see this brochure on motales)

Dart and Challenger

1974 Chrysler-Plymouth models and specs, including Imperial, Barracuda, wagons, Fury, Satellite, Duster, etc, 40 pp

1975 Dodge Dart, Coronet, Charger, Monaco brochure

1976 Dodge full line brochure (oversized)

1977 Dodge Monaco, Aspen, Wagons, Charger, Royal Monaco oversized brochure

1977 Chrysler and Plymouth brochure, all models incl Voyager and Trail Duster

1979 Chrysler-Plymouth Illustrated (brochure) - “go with the winners” (16 pp)

Jeep Scrambler brochure, dated 3/1981, big foldout

1983 Dodge Ram Pickups brochure

1983 Imperial oversized brochure

1983 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue Edition, good cond, very oversized, 8 pages

1983 Horizon brochure

1983 Canadian Diplomat Salon brochure

1983-86-ish: Chrysler Technology: Building the Best, oversized Iacocca-era brochure, nice photos

1983 Dodge Ram Vans brochure, 8 pages

1985 Chrysler Limousine (yes, K-car-based), oversized brochure

1985 Chrylser Limousine brochure, oversized, foldout style

1986 Plymouth Reliant brochure, oversized

1994 Dodge Cars & Trucks brochure, worn, 24 pages

1996 Plymouth Voyager/Grand Voyager brochure, around 20 pages, great photography, foldouts

2003 Dodge Neon Welcomes You brochure/mailer

2008 Chrysler Town & Country brochure, great shape

2015 Chrysler 200 brochure (Quality is an American Thing tagline)

2015 Chrysler 200 mailer, This is what hard work looks like, sealed

2015 Audi mailer in plastic envelope (I thought it was from Chrysler)

Books and magazines

Chrysler Engines, 1922-1998, without binding - includes covers - in great condition other than not being bound. This book is practically impossible to find anywhere else. $30 including USA shipping.

Mopar Muscle, several years; Collectible Automobile, I think around 2018-current. Make me an offer. I mostly want to clear these out.

My own books are at –  I will sell the minivan book at a nice discount, especially if you buy something else on this list. I can't sell the Viper book, I don't have extras.

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